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Transportation & Logistic is our strength

EASTERN EUROPE - our original and latest GOAL! 
For three generations, transportation has been handled by us into the East. Through expertise and successful market orientation, we continuously strive to satisfy all our customers. Our friendly and helpful staff are happy to assist wherever they can.

Transports to Russia, Baltic states and Ukraine

  • optimal security
  • specialized transports for IT
  • high value goods
  • satellite and mobile telephone / daily positioning
  • experienced and reliable drivers with knowledge of local conditions and languages
  • two drivers on request
  • temperature regulated trucks on request
  • exceptional load transportation

Transports to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Balkan states

  • complete loads in conventional or jumbo size trucks
  • timeous partial loads, as well as special tours
  • heavy transportation

"exotic" goods by truck or rail container / also temperature regulated

Transports to


  • Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgisien, Turkmenistan
  • Mongolia, China
  • Georgia, Azerbaidshan, Armenia
  • Iran, Iraq
  • Syria,Jordan

Refrigerated- /thermal transport Russland , GUS

Refrigerated transport and temperature-controlled transportation to Russia and CIS.